Temporarily Housing Centre

In the early 80s, a large amount of mainland inhabitants immigrated to Macao. This caused a rapid increase of squatters. In order to improve the living environment of the squatter inhabitants, the government built several temporarily housing centres between 1986 and 1992. It is built as a temporarily residential place for the homeless families due to the demolition of squatters, as well as lacked sufficient qualification for social housing rental or economical housing purchase. The temporarily housing centres completed within this period are:

1986 - CHT do Arco-Íris - 60 apartments;
1986 - CHT da Ilha Verde - 120 apartments;
1986 - CHT da Taipa - 234 apartments;
1990 - CHT do Patane - 211 apartments;
1992 - CHT da Areia Preta - 600 apartments.

Nowadays, all the temporarily housing centres had been demolished except CHT do Patane, which had remodeled to an office building.