Tenant's Obligations

1. go to designated places and pay the rental punctually;
2. allow Housing Bureau to conduct housing inspection when necessary;
3. not use the housing unit for other purposes or permit other people to use the housing  for other purposes;
4. do not do anything that affects building safety and sanitation;
5. do not obstruct the project which Housing Bureau defined as necessary;
6. do not permit anybody who is not mentioned in the agreement to stay in the housing unit for any reasons, except the children of the tenant or registered family members who are born during the valid period of the agreement or adoptees of the family member;
7. inform Housing Bureau immediately if the apartment has any damages, defects, risks or advice in advocacy from other people;
8. do not operate any project without getting permission from Housing Bureau;
9. inform Housing Bureau within 30 days if any members of the family have passed away;
10. inform Housing Bureau within 5 days if any members of the family have not resided in the housing unit for over 45 days;
11. live in the apartment at least 2/3 of a year annually, and inform Housing Bureau the reason of not staying in the housing unit within 5 days;
12. comply with the housing regulation;
13. return the apartment when the agreement terminated.

Consequences of breaching the Obligations
1. If the owner does not comply with the regulation of building management and the obligations stated in By-Law No. 25/2009, he/she will be fined MOP 500 or MOP 1500.
2. Housing Bureau has the right to terminate the agreement if the tenant does not comply with the above-mentioned obligations (Term 1 to Term 6 and Term 8).
3. The agreement will be terminated if:
  3.1 the information in the application or information for updating file is inappropriate with the tenancy rule of this regulation;
  3.2 the tenant had not habitated in the housing unit over 45 days or had not considered it as a permanent residential place, in regardless of he/she habitates in another housing;
  3.3 any member of the family renounce the housing unit within one year counted from the establishment of tenancy agreement;
  3.4 the tenant still refuse to provide the specific information for updating file after being penetrated because of delaying or not submitting the information.
  3.5 the family refuses the suitable housing unit arrangement made by Housing Bureau as a result of  the size of the family not approaching the stipulation of the by-law without any reasonable reason;
  3.6 the family refuses the suitable housing unit arrangement made by Housing Bureau as a result of the building demolishment or reconstruction plan  without any reasonable reason.

Termination of the Agreement by one of the parties
1. Tenant or any representative of the tenant's family must not obtain, obtain by promise or be approved for land concession of Macao Special Administrative Region;
2. Total monthly income of the family has exceeded the limit stipulated in the related by-law for consecutive 3 years;
3. Total monthly income of the family approaches double of the limit stipulated in the related by-law for consecutive 2 years.
4. If the tenancy agreement is not terminated under the situation mentioned in term 2 and 3, the tenant has to pay twice of the amount of the paid rental.

Invalidity of the Agreement
If the tenant has passed away and any of registered family members or adoptee is/are still present, the tenancy agreement will not be invalid, but the one who is responsible for all the living expenses of the family and fulfils the qualifications of the family representative will become the tenant representative.