Rental of Commercial Unit

Related Decree
《The Allocation and Management of Social Housing for Commercial Unit》
Decree-Law N°28/92/M (issued on 1st June)

Application Methods
The application methods of social housing for commercial unit can generally be classified into public tender and direct concession.

1. Public Tender
  Notice of the public tender operation will be advertised on the Government Gazette and local Chinese and Portuguese publications. People who have interest to rent commercial units should pay attention to the contents and details of the notice that issued by Housing Bureau, and submit the tender within a specific date.
2. Direct Concession
  To acquire the exemption of public tender procedure, it should get the advice from Housing Bureau and granted permission from the supervisory department, the following situation is stated as below:
1) Commercial unit is approved for the social beneficial organisations or units;
2) Removal, alteration or repairing works have to be carried out in the social housing estates. The applicant is an authorised tenant of above-mentioned area;
3) The applicant has moved out from an informal building under registration and previously operated any commercial or industrial activities.

Qualification for Application

1. Natural person or juridical person who satisfies the qualification of legal requirements and requirements of the tender notice, is allowed to take part in the tender.
2. Juridical person has been registered in the Business and Vehicles Registry.

Application Procedures
The space concession for commercial activities should be approved via public tender in accordance with the regulation.

Tenants and assignees should

1. Obligations of the Tenant and Assignee
a) go to designated places and pay the rental punctually;
b) allow Housing Bureau to check the rental space when necessary;
c) inform Housing Bureau 30 days after the handover of rental area;
d) not use or allow third party to use the rental space for the purposes not related to the regulated aim or business.
e) not do anything that affects the building safety. If any damages or defect has been found in the rental space or advice in advocacy of using the rental space from the third party, please inform Housing Bureau;
f) not obstruct any project that Housing Bureau defined as necessary;
g) not operate any project that has not been permitted by Housing Bureau;
h) comply with housing regulation and relevant rules of rental space safety and sanitation.
i) return the rental space after termination of the contract.
2. Do not require the assignee to take any responsibilities of contravening the obligation of term a and c.