Joint Centre for Building Leakage Issues

For the purpose of assisting Macao citizens to solve leakage issues, Joint Centre for Building Leakage Issues (hereinafter "The Centre"), which is coordinated by Housing Bureau and formed by Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau, Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau and Health Bureau, is established based on the inter-departmental cooperation system of Macao government. The centre provides one-stop service for handling the request of citizens who live in individual housing flat and providing assistance in accordance with duties of each department. The centre promotes the good-neghibourliness which encourages the flat owners to find out a solution to solve the leakage issues, and use equipment to detect and find out the leaking sources with unbroken examination, as a result of providing suggestion and promote the owner of the leakage flat to repair the defects.

Enquiry for the current progress of the cases related to Building Leakage

Housing Bureau

- Receives cases from citizens, provides initial suggestion and put on record;
- Coordinate the follow-up of the case with the cooperated departments;
- Arrange staff to collect the information from the scene and start the initial coordination;
- Issue appeal notice to the residents, coordinate the related owner(s) of housing flat to find out the leaking source;
- Manage the integrated information system of the cooperated departments;
- Continuously propagate the importance of maintenance and repair of building's common parts and the good operation of the facilities in the housing flat, encourage the owner to maintain and repair the building's common parts via applying the subsidy schemes of "Building Maintenance Fund".

Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau

- Provide the related construction plans;
- Find out the leaking source or blockage of drain by employing certifying detection entity for detection;
- When the leaking source or blockage of drain is found, assist to define which housing flat needed to repair and provide the related information to Housing Bureau;
- Issue notice or official letter to appeal the interested party to repair the defect;
- If the leaking source or blockage of drain is defined as directly caused by illegal project, Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau will follow up the case in accordance with the order of the emergency.

Health Bureau

- Evaluates the risk for the public sanitation and updates when necessary;
- Advises the suggested plan and deadline for handling the cases in accordance with the risk level;
- Informs and encourages the residents or managers to handle the repair project;
- Enters private properties and start the related procedures without owners' permission in accordance with the specified rules;
- Provides the update information to Housing Bureau and other cooperated departments when necessary.

Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau

- For the case which has probability of blockage of public drain, check the public drain near the involved building before the joint action if possible. If blockage is found, dredge the blockage immediately. If no blockage is found, cooperate with other cooperated departments to open the street hydrant or the cover of exhaust connecting drain well, as a result of doing the colour dye test by the cooperated departments;
- For the emergency leakage case and the leakage case with high risk level for the public sanitation, cooperate with the request and instruction of Health Bureau, to clear the stagnant water, to dredge the blocked drain and to clear the garbage, for the purpose of letting the cooperated departments to enter the housing flat and find out the source of leakage.

Legal Affairs Bureau

- Promotes the laws that mentioned the rights and obligations of the owners of the housing flat to Macao's citizens;
- Promotes litigation practice to Macao's citizens.

Object of Case Acceptance
The case can be directly raised to Housing Bureau by residents or transferred from other government departments. The cases will be handled by Joint Centre for Building Leakage Issues if they are under the following situation:

- Residential units and building use for commercial and industrial purpose that subordinate to the individual ownership system;
- Drain blockage or leakage in the common parts or housing units of the building, which the installation of the drainage system is approved by the authorized department;
- The reason of the leakage had not been found out after the initial checking by a professional technician employed by the owner or after coordination;
- After the case is accepted, Housing Bureau will coordinate the case after analyzing the information and the technical report provided by the related departments.

Owners' Repair Responsibilities
In accordance with the stipulation of Civil Code and related laws, owners have the responsibilities to operate routine repair or maintenance works to their buildings.

Consequences of not operating Necessary Repair Works

- Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau will issue a notice to notify the related owners to operate their repair responsibilities, and explain the civil responsibilities of not operating the necessary repair works;
- If the leakage is directly due to the illegal actions like malicious sewage emission, Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau will operate administrative process to such illegal actions;   
- If the risk for the public sanitation is due to the owners not operating the necessary repair works, compulsory measures will be taken in accordance with the stipulation of Law on infectious disease prevention (Law No. 2/2004) and Organizational Structure of Health Bureau (Decree-Law No. 81/99/M), for the purpose of preventing or eliminating the factors that affect the individual or public health. (Related Laws: Law No. 2/2004 and Decree-law No. 81/99/M).

Responsibilities of Building Management Entity

Due to the fact that building entity is a representative party of all the owners of the building, so it has the responsibilities of assisting to find out the leaking sources, coordinating the related parties and following up the repair works of the common parts of the building.